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Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding in Winchester and the Surrounding Areas | Working at Height Safety Measures for Clients

Although health and safety has become a serious factor within the construction industry, a significant number of incidents still occur on-site annually. The statistics are online for everyone to see – and we’ve mentioned them here - and yet a number of operators are still convinced it will ‘never happen to them’. It doesn’t have to happen to them; an accident could occur to a colleague as a result of their carelessness.

C&K Scaffolding Limited has been operating as contractors in Winchester and the south-east since 1980. We’re a family-run scaffolding company that takes the safety of both ourselves and those who use our domestic, commercial, crash deck and new build scaffolding systems extremely seriously.

Work at Height 2005

The term refers to individuals who are considered to be:

  • Working above ground level
  • At risk of falling from a height, through an unsecure surface or through an opening above ground
  • In danger of falling down through an unsecure surface or through an opening at ground level

Should a fall occur, it is deemed relevant if it has occurred over, at least, one level. Falling over on an even surface or tripping on fixed staircases do not apply to the Work at Height regulations.

The experts at our scaffolding company strongly advise our clients in Winchester and the surrounding areas to avoid using ladders to carry out works where scaffolding or mobile platforms would be more secure and sensible solutions. If needs be, operate extendable equipment and remain at ground level.


As a result, C&K Scaffolding Limited follows the regulations and recommended procedures set out for all forms of crash deck, new build, domestic and commercial scaffolding:

  • In order to avoid injury in the workplace, operations must be planned in advance with appropriate safety methods established
  • We compile detailed risk assessments and follow the practices listed in our method statements precisely
  • All safety equipment is regularly checked and preserved
  • If our experienced scaffolding contractors notice any potential risks whilst erecting systems on-site, they’re highlighted immediately
  • We also ensure those using our frameworks, and therefore working at height, are competent and safety conscious
  • Our crash deck and safety platform scaffolding systems are specifically designed to prevent falls and accidental injuries
  • We also provide safety barriers, handrails, hoists and pulley systems, and protective sheeting to safeguard those using our frameworks

Please contact us at C&K Scaffolding Limited to find out more about our range of standard and bespoke domestic, commercial, new build and crash deck systems for clients in Winchester and the surrounding areas. For more information regarding the Work at Height 2005 regulations, or how to further protect your on-site employees, our scaffolding company is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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