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Commercial Solutions by Trusted Scaffolding Company in Southampton | Types of Scaffolding Explained

Depending on the job in hand there are a number of scaffolding options available to both domestic and commercial clients. For instance, developers may require standard frameworks, crash decks and temporary roof systems, but these will probably be the same for each property. Private homeowners who are having a unique new build constructed, for example, will require specifically designed and erected scaffolding systems.

Whatever the size or layout of your property in Southampton or the surrounding areas in Hampshire, you can be guaranteed that our professional contractors at C&K Scaffolding Limited will have the solution.

Common Scaffolding Frameworks

For the works our scaffolding company carries out in the south-east, we design bespoke and standard systems for our numerous clients. Some of the most commonly erected frameworks in use today are listed below:

Single and Double Scaffolding

For domestic clients, single scaffolding is probably the most common system in use. It’s mainly used for brickwork and erected parallel to an existing property. Double scaffolding refers to the addition of a second framework behind the single system in order to promote a more secure working platform. This is used where the scaffolding can’t be secured to the property.

Scaffolding Towers

Also perfect for domestic clients, C&K Scaffolding Limited’s towers are a safe resolution for those jobs that normally require extendable ladders. No assistance is needed to keep a ladder in place, and users can easily access tools and materials. Without the need to constantly climb up and down, external jobs will be completed considerably faster as well.


Birdcage Scaffolding

For larger internal jobs - ceiling work and restorative projects, or where users require access to ventilation systems, light fixtures etc. – our scaffolding company can install a framework that allows those accessing the scaffolding to traverse a system, rather than walk around the perimeter only. Similar to crash decks, this allows for faster and safer working at height.

Cantilever Scaffolding

Often seen in public areas where ground support and access is limited, we can build a commercial scaffolding system directly out from an existing wall – not unlike a portaledge. This framework is just as strong and supportive, guaranteeing the safety of both workers and the general public in Southampton or in any area across the south-east.

Chimney Scaffolding

For new build installations, or non-standard layouts, we can design and assemble a framework to facilitate chimney and roofing works. Our contractors will advise you on the best scaffolding options in order to ensure any repairs or renovations are carried out effectively and efficiently.

Whatever system you need to ensure safety and productivity on-site, our contractors have the solution for you. C&K Scaffolding Limited has been designing, supplying and assembling domestic, commercial, new build and crash deck scaffolding frameworks to clients in Southampton for over forty years, with a proven record and excellent feedback.

Give our scaffolding company a call today. What do you have to lose?

Call our scaffolding contractors on 02380 366024 and 07886 796808 (Colin) about our commercial services in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

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