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Crash Deck and New Build Scaffolding in Petersfield and the Surrounding Areas | Scaffolding Throughout the Ages

Did you know that, without scaffolding systems, we probably wouldn’t have the pyramids or the Parthenon? The phenomenal structures we associate with ancient Egypt and Greece are still standing today due to the ingenuity of these advanced cultures. The frameworks that played a pivotal role in their construction are still in use today, and the reason we’re in business at C&K Scaffolding Limited. Go back even further and proof of scaffolding systems in use are evident on prehistoric cave paintings.

Throughout time, this method of easing the burden of construction hasn’t been improved upon that much. Although modern systems are in place across building sites, the basics remain the same. The scaffolding contractors at our scaffolding company work to identical principles when erecting domestic, commercial, new build and crash deck systems across Petersfield and the south-east.

Historical Buildings

As time progressed, scaffolding was used by medieval monks to build churches and religious buildings.

For local areas of interest, have a look at The Square and Chapel Street the next time you’re in Petersfield’s town centre. Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5, along with 1, Chapel Street, form a group of 16th Century Grade II listed buildings. They would have been supported by a scaffolding framework in order to secure their high roofs during construction.

Originally formed from wooden beams and held together with sisal or hemp ropes, can you imagine how high the scaffolding frames had to go in order to build the likes of Winchester Cathedral? As it stands today, it’s nave is measured at 78ft/24m high.


Modern Architecture

The early 1900s saw the introduction of the metal tubing systems the scaffolding contractors at our scaffolding company use today on new build, crash deck, commercial and domestic scaffolding frameworks. As ropes would slacken over time, the systems would lose their stability and so required regular upkeeping. Two decades later the scaffolding systems that are now used worldwide were fully operational.

The 1960s saw further improvements with additional methods introduced to enhance working conditions. These included protective sheeting and heaters for use during the winter months.

These days temporary roofing systems are erected to protect both workers and properties from the elements. As per HSE regulations, each of C&K Scaffolding Limited’s frameworks are examined, at least, every seven days. And all those working in the construction industry must wear protective clothing at all times.

A far cry from scaffolders in the 1920s who worked in suit and ties.

The history of our trade is a fascinating one and we’re proud to be part of, not only a family business, but an industry that constructs homes and buildings of astonishing beauty throughout Petersfield and the surrounding areas. For more information about the domestic, commercial, crash deck and new build scaffolding systems our contractors erect, please contact us at C&K Scaffolding Limited.

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