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New Build Frameworks Installed by Professional Scaffolding Contractors in Havant | The Importance of Using Scaffolding Systems

For thousands of years various forms of scaffolding have been utilised in order to build historical and awe-inspiring structures. In our everyday lives we rely on systems and inventions that were originally introduced in ancient times, and it’s safe to say scaffolding is no different. Today, the various systems available aid a variety of users worldwide, both domestic and commercial.

C&K Scaffolding Limited is a family-run scaffolding company comprising three generations of professional scaffolding contractors. We provide a range of framework solutions for our clients in Havant and the surrounding areas, including new build systems and crash decks.

Why is Scaffolding so Important?

Without the various styles of scaffolding in place, a number of jobs will take considerably longer to perform, and others will be virtually impossible. The support the frameworks provide allows users to work at height without fear of accidents, and also for construction works to be carried out a lot faster. This is due to the convenience of not having to constantly climb up and down ladders in order to change tools or reach materials. Everything is on hand.

Scaffolding systems are commonly used in the following areas:


As properties are built, and more floors are added to the structure, builders and tradesmen need to access these additional levels in order to continue their work. Without the new build, crash deck and standard support frames erected by our contractors at C&K Scaffolding Limited, progress would be tediously slow and a lot more dangerous.


Whether domestic or commercial, without scaffolding systems in place, these tasks would be practically impossible to perform correctly. For specialist craftsmen who conduct intrinsic repairs on historical buildings, they need to use both hands in order to perfect their work. This wouldn’t be possible if ladders were involved.


Window Cleaning

Everyone will be familiar with the suspended scaffolding systems used by those who clean windows on commercial buildings and office blocks. How else could these workers perform their jobs safely? Although mobile platforms are also a convenient solution, access at ground level may be limited. This leaves the option of reaching windows from the top rather than the bottom a better and more convenient solution.

Civil Engineering

For civil engineers, surveyors and architects, for example, close-up work is essential in order to guarantee the integrity of the building they’re responsible for, and the safety of the public who’ll be operating in or around it. The frameworks our scaffolding company provides allow for detailed inspections of various public properties in Havant and the surrounding areas.

Public Events

Also used in the film and television industries to support backdrops and sets, scaffolding systems are erected to provide temporary access areas for the public at both indoor and outdoor social events. From temporary seating systems to elevated platforms, these installations provide convenience, extra space and safety for users.

Without scaffolding systems being used in the public domain, the construction industry wouldn’t be as efficient - or as widespread. As it is, the sector is a consistently growing part of our economy and, at C&K Scaffolding Limited, our contractors are proud to be associated with it. The crash deck, new build, commercial and domestic scaffolding systems our scaffolding company provides are used throughout Havant and the south-east, providing support and safety for a considerable amount of private homeowners and developers.

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