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Domestic and Crash Deck Scaffolding in Fareham and the Surrounding Areas | The Benefits of Mobile Scaffolding Towers

Mobile scaffolding towers are an ideal solution for clients who need to work at height safely. Whilst the relevant 2005 regulations strongly suggest using extendable tools, operated from ground level, this isn’t always a viable option. And we have already mentioned that trying to work on ladders with tools and materials is not a sensible approach either.

We have the answer at C&K Scaffolding Limited. Our mobile towers are a safe way to work on the exterior of your property in Fareham or the surrounding areas, with a steady support mechanism and stabile working platform.

Based in Winchester, our scaffolding company offers a range of scaffolding services to our domestic and commercial clients, including new build and crash deck scaffolding systems. For over 40 years our contractors have been working alongside private homeowners, commercial builders and property developers to reduce on-site accidents and improve working conditions.

The Benefits of Mobile Towers

There are a variety of benefits associated with each of our frameworks. The following highlight the reasons why clients should use these mobile scaffolding systems:


For routine jobs around any domestic or commercial premises, stepladders are perfectly acceptable, but longer ladders require a second person to hold them firmly in place. Also the further out they extend, the less secure they’ll become. Carrying tools or materials up and down is an issue as well, due to operators having to use one hand to ascend or descend. Our mobile towers are independent structures that will also support workers easily during access.

Crash deck and new build scaffolding erectors, C&K Scaffolding Limited’s contractors can add support legs to the bottom of the tower.


At our scaffolding company, we can alter the design of any tower to suit our Fareham clients’ needs as jobs progress. Extra platforms can be inserted as an extension is built, for example, or for reaching higher aspects of your home or premises. The added bonus is that our mobile systems can be utilised indoors as well, allowing users to access ceilings, light fittings or ventilation shafts.



Assembled with guardrails, and strong enough to hold workers, tools and construction or renovation materials, C&K Scaffolding Limited’s professional contractors highly recommend using our mobile systems in order to avoid falls or accidental damage on-site. These frameworks are also available in specialised materials for areas situated near live wires, making them a safe solution for electrical jobs.


Our scaffolding company’s mobile scaffolding systems are standalone working platforms, upon which all tools and materials can be gathered in order for our Fareham clients to carry out a number of tasks more efficiently. We aim to make your life as easy as possible, ensuring your external renovation, construction or decorative works are performed in a safe and prompt manner.

As the name suggests, these mobile platforms are the perfect solution to a range of access issues. Please refer to our Eastleigh page for details about moving our mobile systems.

For further information regarding our new build, crash deck, domestic and commercial scaffolding systems for clients in the south-east, look no further than our contractors at C&K Scaffolding Limited.

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