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Commercial and New Build Scaffolding in Eastleigh | Moving Mobile Access Towers Safely

Continuing on from our Fareham page regarding the benefits of using mobile access towers, here, our scaffolding company wishes to outline the procedures for moving these working platforms around your property or site in Eastleigh or the surrounding areas. The benefits to using these systems have already been highlighted but, at C&K Scaffolding Limited, we can’t emphasise enough just how much safer they are than standard ladders.

As professional contractors, we share over two centuries of experience in the trade. Throughout this time our scaffolding company has supplied and erected thousands of domestic, commercial, crash deck and new build scaffolding systems, each one assembled with health and safety foremost in our minds.

Moving Mobile Scaffolding Towers

The convenience of these systems is in the name – you can move them anywhere that has a stable foundation. Regular scaffolds would have to be disassembled prior to relocation, and that’s if they’re not too substantial in the first place.

The time spent having them taken apart and re-erected elsewhere by professional scaffolding providers is not cost-effective. Unlocking the stabilising wheels, moving a mobile tower to another area, and locking it back in place certainly is.

The following guidelines – recommended by our crash deck and new build scaffolding contractors at C&K Scaffolding Limited - should be followed when attempting to move a mobile scaffolding tower across a domestic or commercial site in Eastleigh or the surrounding areas:

  • Never rush on a building site; move the working platforms with care as trying to wheel them too quickly across a site may cause them to topple
  • Make sure there is enough people on hand to help, and that they are fully competent to do so
  • Watch out for overhead cables or extending parts of any other scaffolding systems; reduce the height of the tower if possible in advance
  • Do not allow anyone to remain on the scaffolding tower whilst it’s being moved
  • Take all tools and building materials off the platform before relocation
  • Double check the terrain over which it’s going to be travelling to make sure no holes, pipes, gratings, tools or builders’ materials are in the way
  • Once you’ve successfully moved the mobile tower, make sure to lock the wheels in place again and check the positioning of the platform with a spirit level

Do not allow anyone to access a tower that’s just been moved until a complete safety check has been carried out by either your scaffolding supplier or a competent operator on-site.

For any queries relating to the new build or crash decks systems our scaffolding company provides for domestic and commercial clients in Eastleigh or the surrounding areas in Hampshire, please contact our contractors at C&K Scaffolding Limited. We’re on hand 24/7 to answer questions and carry out alteration or emergency procedures.

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