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Crash Deck Scaffolding in Southampton, Havant and the Surrounding Areas

According to the National Access & Scaffolding Federation (NASC), 655 incidents occurred on erected systems in 1979 from a registered scaffolding workforce of 8,510. In 2020 the number of contractors and operators working in the industry had almost doubled, and the number of accidents reduced significantly to 81. Health and safety in the workplace is now a vital part of our training and, at C&K Scaffolding Limited, we take this very seriously. Our crash deck systems are designed and erected to protect all individuals using our scaffolding, and to support them, their tools and building materials.

Our company has been operating in the south-east since 1980 and, over the years, we’ve grown into a team of fully qualified and experienced scaffolding contractors. Serving Southampton, Havant and the surrounding areas, we’re a third-generation business you can trust to put safety first.

Please contact us in Winchester for more information about our services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

Safety Scaffolding Solutions

The following systems are installed by our certified and accredited team at C&K Scaffolding Limited:

  • Bird Cage Frameworks
  • Crash Decks
  • Rhino-Deck Systems
  • Trad-Deck Systems

Bird Cages

In buildings where access is required to high areas, such as ceilings, we can erect a specifically designed bird cage system. Forming a continuous platform, operators can work at height safely and efficiently, with no fear of falling within the property under construction. The system is used indoors and out, with supports added for each level required. Although bird cages are being replaced by the more modern systems listed below, they are still highly regarded in the industry as safe methods of scaffolding.

Bird Cages are regularly used by those qualified to install lights, fire alarms, ventilation and sprinkler systems.


Crash Decks

Also referred to as safety decking, crash deck scaffolding is a temporary fall-prevention platform designed to protect workers or objects within building structures. Lightweight and easily installed by our fully trained contractors, the systems are available in a range of sizes and heights for optimum productivity on sites across Southampton, Havant and the surrounding areas.

Our crash deck solutions are cost-effective as workers can traverse open spaces efficiently.

Rhino Deck Systems

Designed for house building, this steel working platform system provides protection and support for builders and tradesmen operating within the property shell as it’s constructed. Rhino Deck allows for individuals to access, load and work on platforms without the risk of falling from height. This free-standing system does not rely on the support of the building but remains secure thanks to its numerous leg supports and safety barriers.

Two of our experienced contractors will erect a Rhino Deck platform at a rate of 50m² per hour.

Trad Deck Systems

Another system specifically for the housing industry, Trad Deck is a lightweight replacement for birdcage scaffolding, and operates as a fall prevention and working platform. The main advantage is that builders and tradesmen can access all areas of a property’s interior, and not just operate around the perimeter. This increases productivity immensely. The panels are available in various sizes and the system can be installed in heights up to three metres.

Any two individuals with the correct training can install Trad Deck systems at a rate of 60m² per hour.

C&K Scaffolding Limited provides a range of scaffolding solutions at competitive rates for clients in Southampton, Havant and the surrounding south-east areas. We operate a 24/7 service, guaranteeing our dedication to our clients at all times. And we’re more than happy to answer any queries relating to our domestic and commercial scaffolding systems.

We put our clients’ safety first.

Call our professional scaffolding contractors on 02380 366024 and 07886 796808 (Colin) about our crash deck systems in Southampton, Havant and the surrounding areas.

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