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Crash Decks by Scaffolding Contractors in Basingstoke and the Surrounding Areas | Why Construction Safety is Essential

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of on-site safety in every aspect of the construction industry. For those working at height, or remaining on ground level, the opportunity for an accident to occur is around every corner if basic rules are not adhered to or common sense is ignored. Our professional contractors at C&K Scaffolding Limited are fully aware of the dangers involved with working above ground level, and that’s why we do what we do. Our scaffolding company provides a range of safe working platforms and scaffolding services for our colleagues, ensuring they can continue their part of this vast sector without concern.

For new build, crash deck, domestic and commercial scaffolding in Basingstoke and the south-east, look no further than our fully qualified and highly experienced scaffolders.

Stay Safe On-Site

Although some points may be considered obvious, it’s important we highlight them. Several of the scaffolding contractors at out scaffolding company are SSSTS trained - Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme – and each of us at C&K Scaffolding Limited is fully competent in all manners of health and safety.

Safety Gear and Equipment

The most simple rule of all – be prepared. Don’t access a construction site or scaffolding framework without the proper safety equipment. It’s common sense. Wear high visibility clothing so you can be seen. Keep your hard hat on and only wear steel toe-capped boots to protect your feet. This rule applies to both domestic and commercial sites; it’s just as important to be safe at home when working on your new build property.


Be Sensible

Even if you have a fair idea of how to perform a task, or you’ve done similar before on another job in Basingstoke, on-site training is essential. Don’t approach a job without the proper induction by a qualified supervisor. Acknowledge safety rules on-site and follow them consistently. If you’re new to construction, or unsure about any aspect of the safety procedures in place, ask. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And crash deck systems may not always be in place to save you.

Tools & Equipment

Always use the right tools. If a particular tool isn’t to hand, take the time to retrieve it. Don’t try to get a job completed quickly by using insufficient equipment. Not only will the task probably take twice as long, you could cause potential issues within the structure. When constructing a building, you have to take into consideration the fact members of the public will be using it so it must be safe.

Even experienced builders and tradesmen have to upskill and attend refresher courses in order to continue working on sites. It’s all an essential part of remaining safe at work.

For further information about our new build, domestic and commercial scaffolding, or our crash deck systems, please contact C&K Scaffolding Limited’s professional contractors. Covering Basingstoke and Hampshire, we’re available to offer advice about our various systems and provide competitive quotes for both private homeowners and developers.

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