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Crash Deck and Domestic Scaffolding in Alton and the Surrounding Areas | Scaffolding FAQs

It’s understandable that potential clients will have a number of questions to ask about our scaffolding systems. Whether using them for domestic or commercial use in Alton, our contractors at C&K Scaffolding Limited are on hand 24/7 to offer advice regarding our standard, new build and crash deck systems. Our scaffolding company provides a complete emergency service as well, with the safety of our clients and their properties a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the most common questions we’re asked. For any queries that haven’t been answered, please get in touch on 02380 366024, 07805 058887 (Connie) and 07886 796808 (Colin).

Why Do I Need Scaffolding?

When constructing a new build property, or carrying out domestic renovations, a scaffolding system will protect both the property and those working on it from accidents and extreme weather conditions. For commercial construction or larger projects, crash deck systems are also recommended in order to avoid on-site incidents and promote more efficient working practices.

Is it Essential?

Think of the practicalities involved. Are you having roofing repairs carried out on your property? If any home or premises is higher than one storey then, yes, you should have scaffolding erected. But if you live or work in a cottage or one-storey building, then your contractor may not need the extra support systems. It’s all about safety.


Do I Require a Licence?

If the scaffolding is erected on your Alton property then, no, you don’t need a licence. But if any segment of the framework is positioned on the pavement or road outside the property’s boundary, then you may have to obtain one. It’s C&K Scaffolding Limited’s job - as scaffolding contractors - to complete the application for a licence, and your responsibility to ensure the correct documents have been received from the relevant authorities.

How Long Can Scaffolding Remain in Place?

There are no time limits considering different construction or renovation projects will vary. Therefore, scaffolding should be in place for as long as required. The frameworks our scaffolding company provides are checked by our experienced contractors every seven days to ensure the integrity of each system. In circumstances where severe weather has occurred, the checks will take place more frequently. This applies to all new build, crash deck, domestic and commercial scaffolding systems in Alton and the surrounding areas across Hampshire and the south-east.

Can I Check the Scaffolding Myself?

Scaffolding systems must be checked by a competent and experienced individual with the relevant training. Our team of fully qualified scaffolders share over two centuries of experience in the industry, and our company has been in business for over forty years. It’s advisable to contact us immediately if you have a query about any of our frameworks so the experts at our scaffolding company can assess the scaffolding ourselves.

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